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15 - 21 May 2023
Daily Online Free Meditations: 30 mins sessions

Let’s Meditate
Reconnect with the source

Daily Online Free Meditations, 30 min sessions
As the earth blooms, you need to rejuvenate yourself, “Rejuvenate Yourself From Within”, a 7-day series of 30-minute Guided Meditation sessions
Daily sessions in the series will focus on important and valuable qualities we all have in common like joy, peace, and forgiveness.

Like tending to a newly planted garden, let each day’s meditation nourish your heart and strengthen your spirit💛 This workshop is designed to help you bring positive energy for a fresh start this spring. Each session has a different theme that covers a different positive energy in you.
These sessions are open to all. Everyone is welcome!
🌐7 day series, 30 min sessions
Three Session Everyday
Event Schedule👩🏻‍💻
Always Free!
Session 1 (30 mins) : Guided Meditation!
USA: Los Angeles: 6:00 AM | Chicago: 8:00 AM | New York: 9:00 AM
Europe/Africa: London: 2 PM | Paris/Cairo: 3:00 PM | Moscow: 4 PM
Asia: Delhi: 6:30 PM | Bangkok: 8:00 PM | Singapore/Beijing: 9:00 PM
Australia/Japan: Perth: 9:00 PM | Tokyo: 10:00 PM | Sydney: 11:00 PM

Session 2 (30 mins) : Guided Meditation!
USA: Los Angeles: 10:00 AM | Chicago: Noon | New York: 1:00 PM
Europe/Africa: London: 6 PM | Paris/Cairo: 7:00 PM | Moscow: 8 PM
Asia: Delhi: 10:30 PM | Bangkok: 12:00 AM | Singapore/Beijing: 1:00 AM
Australia/Japan: Perth: 1:00 AM | Tokyo: 2:00 AM | Sydney: 3:00 AM

Session 3 : Music & Meditation!
USA: Los Angeles: 6:00 PM | Chicago: 8:00 PM | New York: 9:00 PM
Europe/Africa: London: 2 AM | Paris/Cairo: 3:00 AM | Moscow: 4 AM
Asia: Delhi: 6:30 AM | Bangkok: 8:00 AM | Singapore/Beijing: 9:00 AM
Australia/Japan: Perth: 9:00 AM | Tokyo: 10:00 AM | Sydney: 11:00 AM

Live Music and Meditation🎶
8 pm US Central Time
Perth - 10:00 am Sydney - 1 pm
Malaysia - 10 am
New Delhi - 7:30 am
Istanbul - 5 am

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Why Meditate

Emotional Stress



Get Healthy Inside Out

Meditation helps keep your mind, body, emotions and chakras healthy.

What Is Meditation

It is a state of mind
A mind that is quiet
Quiet of thoughts from the past
Quiet from the anxieties of future

What Is Not Meditation

Anything that requires you to force your mind to act in a certain way.

chanting or reading repetitively

Chanting or reading a phrase

Focusing, Gazing

Focusing your gaze on an object

Thinking about one kind of thoughts

Thinking only about one kind of thought

Learn Meditation




Sahaja Yoga

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Sahaja Yoga
We teach the Sahaja Yoga technique of meditation.
Sahaja Yoga meditation technique was developed by the Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970.
Shri Mataji had a deep understanding of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for healthy living.
Her goal was to teach every human the benefits of a strong mind and strong chakras, through meditation.
All our instructors have been practicing the technique of Sahaja Yoga meditation for 10+ years.
years of experience
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